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Evans EC2 Super Concentrate Degreaser 5ltr

Evans EC2 Super Concentrate Degreaser 5ltr

Price: 31.50 Ex. VAT
Price (37.80 Incl. VAT at 20%)

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Multi purpose, unperfumed, heavy duty cleaner &degreaser. For use in the food, catering & all general industry.
• Easily removes ingrained soil & heavy grease from a variety of washable surfaces.
• Ideal for use on cooker hoods, ovens, floors & walls.
• Low dosage, very economical in use.
• 1 litre provides 100 trigger spray bottles & 50 x 5 litre buckets of solution.
• Peel & reveal multi language label.
• Supplied in a 5 litre container for use with the e:dose dispenser or to refill
the 1 litre dosing bottle.
• Colour coded, screen printed trigger bottles available.
Dispense the specified amount of product by pushing the button once on the e:dose
dispenser to dose 10 ml or by using the 10 ml dosing cap on the 1 L bottle.
Add 1 x 10 ml dose to 600 ml water in an EC2 spray bottle.
Spray surface & wipe with clean damp cloth. Increase dosage for heavy grease.
Add 2 x 10 ml doses to 5 L warm water in a bucket.
Mop or wipe surface.

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